coduto_headshot_2021Welcome! Thanks for your interest in my research. I am interested in the many ways individuals develop media and technology literacy. As a result, my research often focuses on a variety of contexts, including online dating, sexting, social media use, breaking news information seeking, and entertainment media consumption (to name a few!). I believe the best way to understand, improve, and encourage media literacy is to understand the many ways it can manifest for a variety of people.

I am a mixed methods researcher; I use quantitative and qualitative methods to answer my research questions. This includes surveys, experimental designs (laboratory and online), open-ended questionnaires, and in-depth, in-person interviews.

I am an assistant professor of media science at Boston University; I previously worked as an assistant professor of communication and media studies at South Dakota State University. I received my Ph.D. in communication from Ohio State University and my M.A. in mass communication and journalism from Kent State University. Before returning to school for my Ph.D., I worked as a strategist and brand planner for an advertising agency in Cleveland, Ohio. I still offer consulting work related to branding and social media.